A world where a dousing of oil is the norm and a light drizzle isn't. A world where fatty acids are discussed not bemused. Where the smoking point is understood and not just a hipster comment at a summer BBQ. We believe in a world where cholesterol in butter is common knowledge to be different from lipids from your latest health care check. A world where fats are celebrated and indulged. A world where healthy fats are delicious. A world of GOOD PHATS.

We are on a mission to make health a tasty pursuit.

Fat. It wasn't always a priority in our house. In fact we used to (like almost everyone out there) think it was the enemy - low fat yoghurt anyone? We were led to believe that it was the reason for the increase in the poor metabolic health of the world. How wrong were we.

Fast forward to my 40's when I was diagnosed with being pre diabetic (130kg no less!!) and a good mate of mine, Ben, told me to try cutting out carbs and go KETO. Eating fat to lose fat just didn't make sense?! Once I got my head around it, I managed to not only reverse my diabetes (in less than 3 months!), I also lost 42kg in under 18 months and learnt to fly (ok I didn't learn to fly but I was flying in many senses of the word).

This is when fat became everything to me and I started to take note of the poor quality fats out there.

During this time Ben and I decided to do something about the metabolic health of the world and launched the brand fu:di - a brand on a mission to improve the metabolic health of the world, one slurp, crunch or bite at a time. fu:di hacks every day recipes by removing sugars, seed oils and lowering carbs. Sounds good right? We thought so.

“Explore the world of fats, and taste how damn delicious they can be”

But when developing our range, we noticed that the quality of fats used in manufacturing also wasn't up to scratch and that not all avocado oils are created equally.

So when we started to explore the world of fats and tasted how damn delicious they can be, we couldn't contain ourselves from dancing around the office with joy. Have you ever tasted emerald green cold-pressed virgin avocado oil before? It's worth a dance...

Everyone needs access to these oils, to these fats, and the need to launch a range of healthy fats was born.

It's all about confidence. Glug, sizzle, marinade, infuse, pour, drizzle.

Enjoying the food you love shouldn't mean making a compromise, in fact we think the opposite...having your PHAT and eating it, you could say.

Whether you're making a Shakshuka and want to drown your onions and peppers in a fruity oil, searing a ribeye and want a light coating that can handle the heat, sizzling your morning eggs in a bath of buttery ghee or dressing your rocket side salad with a confident amount of emerald green virgin avocado oil... we have you covered. From salad dressings to emulsions, curries to a BBQ, the fats you need are different. We get that. So glug with confidence, sizzle with pride and cook like you have never cooked before.

We call it obsession. We geek out about the fats so you don't have to.

We search high and low and work with the finest farmers and fat lovers you can find. We choose fats that simply put, do good. We say yes to olive and avocado oil because its high in oleic acid that promotes good health, and no to seed oils that are high in linoleic acid that doesn't.

"Unlock the chef in you whilst supporting your metabolic health"

We pour over the science and love geeking out. We care about smoke points because it matters. We know the difference from fry and sauté. Roast and bake. Dress and emulsify - and so do the fats. We follow the science about saturated fat and want to help reverse the prejudices that are locked into society.

We leave no stones unturned and we chose our fats for a reason. MCT C8 because of its purity and bio-availability in how you metabolise it, rapidly converting it into ketones (aka energy), whilst offering the cleanest, purest taste. Olive oils that enhance a dish and light avocado oils that will make an emulsion that Gordon would
say "f**k yeah” to.

We help provide a range of fats so that you can unlock the chef in you whilst supporting your metabolic health.