Chocolate Chip Cookies The Way You Remember Them...

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Best tasting cookies you wouldn't believe are Keto! - Curtis @ketoxjunkie

10g Carbs - 3g Fiber - 5g Sugar Alcohol = 2g Net Carbs

Low net carbs and NO HIDDEN SUGARS. Our cookies will keep you in fat burning weight loss mode. 

Sugar is the ENEMY, that’s why we use 0g Net Carb Monk Fruit sweetener.

One batch gives you enough to satisfy your sweet tooth all week with some to share!


These are awesome! Great clean keto ingredients, fantastic flavor, texture is SPOT ON for a perfect chocolate chip cookie!! The pan didn't last the night and was mostly put away by non-keto folks. 👍👍

Allison @restingbeachfaceketo

One package makes a lot of cookies! These had a soft but crumbly cookie texture. The chocolate chips got that meltiness that you want in a chocolate chip cookie. Even the picky non keto person in my household was enjoying them!

Frank @frankly_keto

I have been keto/low carb for 2 years now and I have yet to find a keto cookie that didn’t taste like I was eating sand. These are the perfect texture and flavor! 


A great company run by great people. I hope this is just the first step in a great line of products from Good Phats! Mix is easy to use, making low carb cookie baking a breeze!

Romie @ghostingcarbs

Keto approved and super simple...add a few ingredients, mix, bake, and voila...straight up chocolate chip cookie deliciousness! SO GOOD!

Stephanie @ketozenh11

Cookies are only the start...

GOOD PHATS cookie mix can be molded, shaped and baked to make all kinds of delicious keto creations.